At Elevate Eagles Performance, our goal is to inspire athletes to be their best through knowledge, passion, and love for continuous improvement. We provide custom athletic programs built from the foundation up to meet the needs of our Lawton-Bronson athletes. Each of our trainers coordinates programs with one another to ensure athletes can participate in each program available.

Our Programs


Who Are We?

We are a team of educators, coaches, parents, neighbors, friends, and sports enthusiasts that are working together to provide more local athletic opportunities for citizens of the Lawton and Bronson communities. What programs do we currently offer? Our initial programs are basketball skills/shooting training, vertical and agility (VertiMax) training, and also speed training. These are all programs that have been providing our athletes with opportunities for growth for years, but they have now come together with EEP. Coaches will work together to coordinate workouts that will work for as many athletes as possible. We will assess and evaluate our athletes' abilities and ensure that our workouts help the athletes "elevate" their performance. 

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