Vertical, Agility, and Speed Training

The EEP Vertical, Agility, and Speed program is designed to give athletes everything they need to reach their athletic potential. EEP Vertical and Agility combines all the proven teaching techniques and drills from our elite trainers, into a small-group format, allowing athletes the opportunity to receive intensive training. Each EEP Vertical, Agility, and Speed program consists of approximately 45-minute workouts. Session size is limited to ensure proper instruction and plenty of repetitions.

Our custom-created workouts are purposeful, innovative, challenging, and progressive in nature. These workouts improve the athlete's explosiveness by focusing on body control, proper mechanics, and a foundation-up approach. We meet you where you are and help get you where you want to be. These workouts, properly taught, allow athletes to compete successfully at the highest levels.

We utilize the latest tools and technology to provide our athletes with the most effective training available. The VertiMax V8 and Raptor are some of the most innovative tools on the market. Why VertiMax 

Beginners' Sessions

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Intermediate to Advanced Sessions

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Meet the Trainer

Austin Busch

Austin Busch has over 15 years of coaching experience. He has coached baseball, basketball, football, and track and field. He has been helping athletes with vertical and agility training since 2021. He loves building relationships with young athletes and helping them continue to improve.

College: Austin was on the Briar Cliff University baseball team his freshman year, but was unable to play due to a shoulder injury. He joined the BCU basketball team as a student-assistant coach during his sophomore year for the 2011-2012 season. Austin then began coaching middle school basketball at Lawton-Bronson CSD during his junior and senior years of college.

High School: Austin was a 13-time letter winner for the Falcons of West Sioux High School (four in baseball, two in basketball, two in track, two in football, two in cross country, and one in soccer).

Current: Austin currently teaches high school Business and Computer Science at  Lawton-Bronson CSD.



Katie T.

Austin’s VertiMax agility program has been such a positive for my two kids. It has helped them with being aware of their bodies and movement. It has also taught my kids confidence. Austin does an amazing job encouraging kids to do their best to become better every time they set foot in the gym. I have seen so many positives with both kids throughout the few short months. My daughter is learning correct form and wanting to workout and get better on her own. We are so excited about the changes that VertiMax has helped our kids achieve. Kami has also worked with our daughter on basketball skills over the last several years and we have seen so much growth in her shooting and ball handling! Both Kami and Austin are always going above and beyond to build relationships and help students at LB grow.

Jenny G.

Logan started Vertimax sessions with Austin during football season last year and we noticed a big difference in his agility and performance right away. Now in basketball season, we see HUGE improvements in Logan's skills- ball handling, making his free-throws, going for lay-ups, and his overall confidence. Every week he gets better and better; we can't say enough how great this program and Austin have been!!! 

Jeremy B.

I highly recommend these programs to any child that want to take the next step, and is serious about getting better.  My kids are part of Austin’s VertiMax program, and I have seen great strides in their strength and ability in all sports. Not only has it helped them greatly physically, but mentally it has made them stronger and more confident in themselves.  Kami worked with my daughter in basketball from a young age, and did amazing things with her shot, and early skill development.  Her shot is better then anything I could have imagined, and  for that Kami deserves 100% of the credit.  I know both my younger kids will be attending her workouts to help their shooting development, and all my kids will continue to utilize all this great program has to offer.

Heather S.

My boys have both had the opportunity to work with Austin Busch over the last couple of years doing Vertimax training. Both boys have seen great strides in their jumping abilities. Last winter my younger son(currently an 8th grader)had issues with his feet and was unable to play basketball. Once we got his foot support figured out he started VertiMax training,  by mid-summer Coach Busch sent me a video of him grabbing the rim at training! Over the last 6 months, both boys have also been working with Austin Lefler 2 days a week doing different drills to help them improve many skills needed on the court. I have really seen an improvement in both boys' performance on the court this year! Both Coaches have a passion for the sport and have positively impacted my boys. I would highly recommend working with both of these Coaches.